Port Finance

Deposit and withdrawal

A step by step guide on how to use Port Finance.
1) Head over to our website at https://port.finance/ (make sure you bookmark the link to fend off against phishing scams.
2) Click on “APP” on the top right corner of the screen and connect your wallet to our site. There are quite a few wallets that you can choose from, it all works fine. I personally recommend using phantom. Phantom has one of the smoothest UI and it is super easy to navigate around it with a page solely for your NFTs as well.
Link to Phantom download: https://phantom.app/ (make sure you bookmark the link to fend off against phishing scams.
Once you are connected you will be directed to our main page.
Before any transactions are done, make sure to have at least 0.1 SOL in your wallet for approvals of transactions. You will not utilize the entire 0.1 sol for 1 transaction so not to worry. Deposit & Withdrawals
Select the asset that you will want to deposit on our platform. Click on deposit.
You will be redirected to our deposit page, select the amount you would want to deposit, click on confirm and approve the transaction on the pop up wallet.
Once approved, you are done! Congratulations on making your first deposit!
For withdrawals, it is the total opposite of process. Under the asset that you have deposited, click on withdraw, select how much you would want to withdraw and approve it. Done deal!